The Aesthetic Union - Far Apart // Thought-Forms Card

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This card is a card to give when you feel far apart from the person you giving it to. Maybe they live far away, maybe they are far emotionally. This is you wanting to connect again. Let’s face it, we’ve gone through a lot, but we shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about it. Whether you’re happy, sad, depressed, jealous, angry, excited, in love, selfish, or anything else in between, it’s good to communicate. Just how often do we say we’re feeling those feels to other people? With these cards, we hope to give you an opportunity to share and explore these feelings with the other people in your life. Trust us, it helps. Go ahead let yourself feel deeply and share often. CARD DETAILS · Method: Letterpress Printed · Material: Scottish-made Arjowiggin Keaykolour 300 GSM paper. Recycled Pulp. · Greeting Card Size (Folded): 4.25” x 5.5”. · Envelope included. · Blank inside.