Mojave Mallows - Cocoa Dipped Marshmallows - Organic / Non-GMO / Gluten-Free

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Gourmet vanilla marshmallow dipped in pure dark cocoa powder is the ultimate hot cocoa pairing. Dark cocoa cuts the sweetness and adds a chocolaty flavor. Each air-tight party pack resembles an artisanal coffee bag, and fits 8-10 hefty mallows -- size varies as these are a handmade snack! Best devoured within 2-3 months at ambient temperature. Best stored below 72° f. -Organic, Kosher, Gluten-Free (certification pending) -No corn syrup or fake sugars -Made with love, fortified with dates -Naturally off-white and fluffy -Tenderly cooked and cured for over 18 hours -Made in California Temperature sensitive + ships 2-3 day priority in the summer and when temperatures exceed 80 degrees f.