Chaparral Studio - CRACK ME OPEN BABY SPARKLES AWAIT YOU Geodes: Small

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Inside of each drawstring pouch is a rock. Crack the rock open with a hammer and the interior will reveal a geode crystal interior! This is a super fun and interactive gift - great for children and adults alike! INSTRUCTIONS - Safety first. Please be aware of your surroundings and select a non precious surface to break open your geode - Use a heavy duty standard hammer - One strong hit is better than soft knocks - Enjoy the surprise - every geode is unique! MATERIALS 100% Cotton drawstring pouch hand stamped with the words: CRACK ME OPEN BABY SPARKLES AWAIT YOU Included in each bag is a geode rock. Geodes come in three different sizes. please make your selection below. Small - cotton pouch measures 3x5" / rock measures roughly 1.5" - 2" Medium - cotton pouch measures 4x6" / rock measures roughly 2.5" Large - cotton pouch measures 5x8" / rock measures roughly 3" - 3.5" Note that each rock is one of a kind in size, shape, color and even the sparkly interior will vary from wha